Friday, 17 May 2019

The Journey to the Top

There is one mighty mountain there! Doesn't necessarily need to be scaled?

Somewhere sometime ago you already climbed a mountain. Why again?

You take the pain, overdo your body. Why?

And the reply was "why not?"

The mind and the heart ignites such conversations just before or during the summit. But what matters is what's the mood after it. That moment of elation forgets all the trouble, pain and doubts you ever had when you get to the apex.
The mind and the heart (soul) have different  weapons to tackle each other. The mind, more aggressive, attacks with logic while the soul takes defence of passion. For an adventurer it's an opposite story. The passion acts as a cyanide and fills up the nerves killing cells of doubts instantly.

Its a fresh world out there when you start the climb. A carnival for a wandering soul. The dress code is all green- lush, dark or light, music is acoustic and the choir is in sync. All they want is you to perform. While the breeze starts the music, sing out your heart's song as chirping birds and cricket will join in.
All along the trail there are different families of wild flowers, trees, shrubs unique in their ways but living together as a community. They have been here for years protecting, stabilizing and controlling the earth's systems. The curvy muddy path embedded across mountain's chest gets strenuous. Your endurance is what's required. This journey is yours and only you can complete it. The struggle is temporary and the mountain top isn't too far. Move on!

Now the wind is crisp, the views are better and the surroundings quieter. You can't ignore the heart's thumping and your breath was never so loud. Your sweat slowly evaporating with the sweet breeze. You focus even more on the dwindling path and your technique. You start imagining being there (top). Few more steps!

The top is visible. But your strength is declining. Stop? No. Give that last push. Give all of yourself. Walk, sprint, run but don't stop until you're there. You're there.

Yes! You're there. You did it. Drop off your backpack. Rise at the vantage point, lift your arms, face towards heaven and scream. Scream anything that comes to your mind. Let the breeze cool off your body's engines. You deserve it. Let the world know of your feat.
Sit down in a corner. Soak in the atmosphere, blend with the nature and the look at the view. There's the point where you started off. Remember? You wondered what's there at the top a few hours ago. You were curious as to what is it like to be a the top when you were down. Well, now you know?
Your soul had a desire and that gave you purpose. Purpose to push yourself into the uncertainty and explore the facets of this beautiful world you live in. Yes, it definitely meant taking risks. But it also meant that you try. And while you committed yourself, started the journey, you discovered who you truly are, what's your role in this world and what you are capable of. You relentlessly search what's important to you and to fellow beings. This big world as you see from top is yours. Embrace every moment till you're here. And now you know what it feels like to be at the top.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Dance: An art in motion

The abstract barefoot movement turning into rhythmic patterns
The hands outstretched in the eternity manifesting myriad shapes and forms
The mind so lost and at the same time so focussed...
An expression of the soul longing for the divine. A call of lover to romanticise. A drug to trip in ecstasy.
Its an outburst of emotions
Its a poetry, it's a prayer.
Its meditation, it's salvation.
Some call it dance but essentially it's an artist working on himself (art).
Be it a trance or an ethereal vocal
hypnotic illusion or a psychotic delusion
cheerful carol or a melancholic ballad
the soul, like a flowing river, forever rejoices.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Haiku Poetry

My experiments with Haiku poetry.

A Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.

Here's my first Haiku

                    far in the horizon
the sun sprinkled clouds and sky orange
                    on a girl's canvas.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


We all are vulnerable
in the dark night
when the deep secrets
lash out shredded.

                               We all are vulnerable
                               when the cold breeze
                               echoes our fears
                              to our estranged people.

We all are vulnerable
with the sorrowful howl
realising what we possess
can be taken away.

                               We all are vulnerable
                                before the God
                               & honest prayers flogs
                               us to confess our sins.

Monday, 29 August 2016

You're a Bird

You're a bird
not b'coz you don't have wings.
You're a bird
as you wish to fly.

You're a bird
not b'coz you have a journey to complete. You're a bird
as you have no destination.

You're a bird
not b'coz you don't build nests.
You're a bird
as you don't have a home.

You're a bird
not b'coz you don't look back.
You're a bird
as you see what lies ahead.

You're a bird
not b'coz you can't chirp.
You're a bird
as you can sing.

You're  a bird
not b'coz you don't migrate.
You're a bird
as you wander.