Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Dropping Leaf

                                                   There's a little life a in a dropping leaf

Once a tiny member
among its own fraternity
growing through days and seasons.

Now the grown one
not too strong to hold onto her own house
forced to depart; ambivalent she leaves
the other members in awe, as momentarily she weeps.
Embarking on the new journey
frightful of the new world, she struggles.

Soon she realizes her fate;
carefree she moves in the bright sun
Swirling and rotating in every direction
sometimes with gravity, sometimes with wind
like a free bird she flies.

Unfazed by the things to come
she makes her way towards the earth
Alas! calling it a day
waiting to be withered
waiting to be turned
earthed and grounded, still it lies.

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